Earthquake relief fund sent to Nepal through Red Cross

Canadian Bhutanese Society had been very successful in raising funds to provide relief to the victims of earthquake in Nepal. Please find the details of the money collected and the expenses.

From the members of the Bhutanese Community – $ 6473.10

Funds contributed by external sources – $ 8871.40
Total Collection: $ 15344.5
Expenses on food and logistics:$ 707.00
Net amount: $ 14637.5

CBS  handed $14,637 to Earthquake victims in Nepal through Canadian Red Cross on May 22, 2015. CBS Executive Committee extends special thanks to all those who came forward to donate, volunteer and support our effort to fund raise for the cause. Special thanks goes to our CBS youths, BCT structures Inc, and supporters who came out to help us. Canadian Government will match the same amount of money and deposite it in Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. We are very thankful to Lethbridge Family Services (LFS), Southern Alberta Ethnic Association (SAEA), Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination (CMARD) for partnering with us to organize fund raising dinner, and the Medias (Global TV, CTV, Herald and others) for advertising our effort to Lethbridge population

Once again CBS would like to thank  all individuals, businesses and while wishers  for your generous donations and help in making the fund raising event very successful.

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