Second wave of new citizens took oath

DSC04085In a special ceremony held at Lethbridge Court House, Judge Joan May Way took oath of more than 140 new Canadians, among whom 13 members were from Canadian Bhutanese Society. These resettled Bhutanese became Canadian Citizens on 26th September 2014 after losing it for more than two and half decades. Original citizenship (Bhutanese) was stripped by the Bhutanese authority during early ninety’s under the propaganda of “one nation one people”. Bhutanese authority failed to understand that once you are born in this earth no one has right to strip anyone’s citizenship as we all belong and have right live in this world.

Today we are proud to be Canadian and feel that we belong to this great mosaic nation, as we all know Canada is one of the best countries to live in the world. As Judge Way mentioned the grant citizenship is not just paper to vote, or travel around the world but it is a covenant, it is an honor and respect in being loyal to one another. Let us all help our neighbors, volunteer to support them and be a vibrant part of the community. We also can participate in developing and maintaining our Canadian civil, democratic society and understand the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in local, national and international contexts. Let us respect and embrace diversity.



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