Parents not convinced officers had no choice in shooting son

Katie May

Deu Raj Puri isn’t smiling. He’s wearing a green polo shirt, broad shoulders squared toward the camera in an enduring non-pose, his stern gaze lockpuriparentsed on the lens.
He never did like having his photo taken.
But the day he died, he relented. He seemed to know that day would be his last, and even told his family he wouldn’t live much longer.
“He said that ‘I’m going to die tonight or today,’ and the same thing happened at night-time,” his older brother Naresh said. “I was thinking that he was joking. He was not serious, right?”
The photo, framed and draped with green ribbon, hangs on the Puri family’s living room wall. It’s one of the only photos they have to remember their 26-year-old son and brother, taken on July 15, 2012 — a day they’re trying to forget.

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