CBS meets the City Officials

In continuation to the discussion from our last meeting (October 16) with Mayor Rajko Dodic, Hemlal Timsina and Usha Tamang attended the follow-up meeting with City Officials. The present meeting was arranged by Kathy Hopkins, Director – City Manager’s Office and attended by Bary Beck Director of Community Services, Mr. Ashley Matthews General Manager Recreation and Culture and Diane Randell Manager Community and Social Development Group. The meeting took place in the City Hall on the 2nd of December 2011.

As this was the follow up of the previous proposal put forward by us to Mayor Dodic, we presented a revised and summarized proposal for immediate need and a long term need of the Bhutanese Society. The proposal is posted under the title of “Who we are” and it can be viewed at this site. We explained the issues and challenges for the Community and requested for solutions if any.The City Officials were optimistic regarding our proposal and asked for more time to find out the avenues for the solutions.

Therefore we all agreed to meet again in the second week of January next year. We also requested the City Officials to introduce us to the MLA of Lethbridge in our next meeting.

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