Christmas Party

Lethbridge Public Libary organized an annual Christmas Party on the 12th of December 2013. More thanDSC00647 150 people were gathered at Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization. Among the participants many were Bhutanese seniors participating in the party to get a feeling of how the Christmas season is celebrated by the main stream society.
They not only enjoyed the various ethnic food, snacks and delicious pastry but also sang in English language and danced as well. The function also acknowledged the volunteers who were mainly teaching the ESL language course for many years. Among many organization participating at the event were Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organisation, Lethbridge Family Services, Immigrant Services, Canadian Bhutanese Society(CBS). CBS also coordinated two cultural dances presented by CBS youth group. There were also many other ethnic cultural presentation including songs, bell music, speech presentation and scottish dance.


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