Nepali New Year 2069 Gathering

Its Nepali New Year Celebration time. It falls on Friday the 13th April, 2012, Therefore this time we will gather only the Teenagers group as they are off from school on Friday afternoons. The program will start at 2pm and finish at 5pm. Anyone who is 13 years and up till 19 years of age are invited to join the program. It will be held at Chinook High School in West Lethbridge. It comprises of some games, exercises as well as some leadership skills training.

If anyone remembers Santhosh Prabhu who visited Lethbridge last year, he has requested us to arrange this gathering. He is coming back this year also to carry out most of the program of the day as he is involved with youth groups in various places in the USA.

There is a bus service to the school. Bus # 35 comes from University of Lethbridge to the School till 7 pm on school days

Please feel free to ask if anyone has problem to get there. I would appreciate if parents can help the kids to get there and back safely.

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