Inclusion series, UNITAS and CMARD with CBS “Teez” festival


10608267_260254810835430_5738785184905471057_oUNITAS (Latin for Unity), a community collaboration started by the City of Lethbridge Inclusion Consultant and CMARD has partnered with the Canadian Bhutanese Society. This inclusion event focused this month on sharing, celebrating and providing awareness on Canadian Bhutanese Society of Lethbridge.

On the occasion Canadian Bhutanese Society in collaboration with UNITAS celebrated “TEEZ” – A Festival of Ladies, featuring Sunita Dulal. Sunita Dulal was specially invited to celebrate the festival from Nepal as she is one of the best singers for Nepali festival songs. She also performed for Nepali communities in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton during the same Week.

This month was focused to show case the Bhutanese Tradition and culture. A large population of resettled Bhutanese community calls Lethbridge their home since five years ago. The program was sponsored jointly by the City of Lethbridge, CMARD together with UNITAS. Traditional arts and craft as well as dresses were displayed, traditional dishes like momos, pakoudas, tea etc were also served during the function.

About two hundred people participated the function, Most of the ladies dressed themselves in traditional Nepali red “saris” and jeweleries.  Ladies danced all evening with “teez” songs along with Sunita Dulal and other community members.


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