CBS Soccer Participation


CBS Soccer team of Lethbridge was proud to participate in the Fourth Western Canada Regional, Nepalese Sports & Cultural Event 2013 organized at Saskatoon SK. The game was held on the last week of June 2013. The participating team were from Manitoba, Saskachewan, Alberta and British Columbia which comprised of eight teams. This is the second year that CBS Soccer team from Lethbridge participated 1n the regional event. A total of 18 member delegation from Lethbridge had participated in various activities.
The Chief Guest of the event was the Mayor of Saskatoon. Among many other games soccer was the main focus of the event. CBS Lethbridge team lost in the semi finals to Calgary, Who also won this year’s soccer trophy.
We are very thankful to all the sponsor and donors in and around Lethbridge as well as the Bhutanese Community members who made our trip possible.
The host for 5th Western Canada Regional, Nepalese Sports & Cultural Events 2014 was awarded to Canadian Bhutanese Society of Lethbridge.

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