Executive Board

Canadian Bhutanese Society – Executive Board

Canadian Bhutanese Society of Lethbridge held its Annual General Meeting and the election of its new Board Members/Executive Members for 2017 – 2018. The Election Committee nominated the new board members based on the nomination filed by the majority of the elected members and the society members elected the others based on nominations received through the general members. The newly elected board members are: 

  1. Purna Adhikari                                                                                         President
  2. Geeta Rasaily                                                              Vice President (Finance)
  3. Kamal Dahal                                                             Vice President (Program)
  4. Moni Kumar Gurung                                                                             Treasurer
  5. Rup Narayan Sharma                                                                            Secretary
  6. Dhan Kumar Gurung                                         Special Events Coordinator
  7. Chandra Adhikari                                                            Coordinator (Sports)
  8. Sha Bahadur Subba                                                         Coordinator (Sports)
  9. Ramesh Gurung                                                            Coordinator (Cultural)
  10. Purna Bista                                                                     Coordinator (Cultural)
  11. Ang Dolma Gurung                                                      Coordinator (Cultural)
  12. Reena Sharma                                                               Coordinator (Cultural)

The tenure of office of the elected executive committee members will be for two years (January 2017 – December 2018).

All the above mentioned positions are voluntary.

The Election Board comprised of :
Mandhoj Tamang
Sita Kalikotay
Ram Lal Ranapaily
Prem Kumar Darjee
Mohan Singh Gurung
Santosh Timsina