img_1247Newly elected board members for 2017-2018

Canadian Bhutanese Society (CBS) congratulates all the newly elected board members and wishes them “Good Luck” through their two-year tenure. CBS hopes the new team will work for the best interest of the society and will have a fruitful tenure.

CBS also extends special thanks to the outgoing board members for their immense contribution leading the society forward and handing over their skills to the newly elected members.

Annual General Meeting

Canadian Bhutanese Society reminds all its members of the Annual General Meeting and Election of Board Members tomorrow, Sunday, January 8, 2017. The meeting will be held at 11:00 a.m. at Multicultural Centre, 421 6 Avenue South, Lethbridge. All household is expected to send at least one member to attend this event.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Canadian Bhutanese Society wishes Merry Christmas to all Christian families and friends. May the spirit of Christmas season gladden your heart with joy and celebration, and bless you with greater strength, and may the promise of Christmas bring you endless blessings.

The society also wishes all its members, their families, and friends in and around the world a Happy New Year 2017. May the new year bring long-lasting peace, prosperity, and good health to all of us. Happy New Year 2017.

Happy Tihar

Canadian Bhutanese Society wishes “Happy Tihar/ Happy Dipawali” to all Bhutanese and Nepali community in Lethbridge and around the world; and “Happy Diwali” to all Hindus around the world. May this Tihar/Deepawali bring happiness, prosperity and long life to all brothers and sisters. May Goddess Laxmi fulfill all of our wishes and expectations and keep our relationships stronger and lifelong.

Chandra Adhikari receives Immigrant Achievement Award

October 19, 2016.

Canadian Bhutanese Society is proud again this year in having Chandra Adhikari win Immigrant Achievement Award in Arts, Culture, and Recreation organized by Lethbridge Family Services – Immigrant Services at a function at Galt Garden and Archives today. Chandra’s immense  contribution to the Bhutanese community at large is recognized by the community. He has his contributions in all spheres of community support to the Bhutanese in Lethbridge. He brought his volunteership from the camps in Nepal and hasn’t stopped him from practising his passion. Congratulations!!!!! Chandra and family.

Dashain/Tihar 2016 Celebration

Canadian Bhutanese Society is celebrating its Dashain/Tihar Celebration on Sunday, October 16, 2016 at Southminster United Church located at 1011 4 Avenue South, Lethbridge. All Nepali and Bhutanese families are invited to attend the celebration. The hall will be opened at 5:00 pm and the program starts at 6:00 pm. All participating teams and performers are requested to contact Cultural Coordinators to be on the program list by Saturday evening. For contact, please find the list: Kumar Lowagan- 4037159333, Purna Bista – 4038947160, Sapana Timsina – 4037151233 and Munu Gurung – 5872209494.

This celebration provides the community members an opportunity to meet each other and exchange best wishes to all families. Dashain is  the main festival for Nepali speaking people when all members go to their seniors and receive blessings. It is the celebration of good over the evil. Tihar is the celebration of lights when people visit their community members’s houses sing and dance blessing the families for their healthy, prosperity and peace as well as sisters annoint their brothers for their long life and health.

So come and participate with your community members in their celebration with performance of songs and dances on October 16, 2016. See you all there.

Lethbridge food banks receive hundreds of pounds of fresh produce from Lethbridge Bhutanese Seniors

CBS is proud of all the work you have done, Bhutanese seniors. Your work is commendable and exemplary. Your commitment and dedication for the community is really inspiring. Millions of thanks to Lethbridge Family Services for initiating and arranging an opportunity and Lethbridge College for providing the land for the seniors to use their skills and work.bhutanese-garden-donation


The Lethbridge Bhutanese Seniors group hosted its annual Harvest Celebration at the Lethbridge College community gardens Friday, where hundreds of pounds of homegrown produce was donated to local food banks.

The Bhutanese Seniors group is a club comprised of former refugees who work to learn language and social skills in Canada.

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Canadian Bhutanese Society youth won gold in WCRNSCE

Canadian Bhutanese Society has been successful in securing the winning shield in badminton and volleyball in Western Canada Regional Nepalese Sports and Cultural Event hosted by Winnipeg, Manitoba. Both boys and girls teams had been successful in winning the badminton game on both single and double entries. Girls volleyball team also secured the top position. With exceptional performance of the soccer team of both boys and girls teams had been able to bring home the running cup.

All Nepalese from Western Canada competed in Western Canada Regional Nepalese Sports and Cultural Event in five different games of soccer, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and dandi biyo (Nepali national game).

All the players in all games played well with good coordination and sportsmanship. In spite of having no professionals coaches and no proper training, the youth participants have made the Canadian Bhutanese Society proud of their members by displaying their skills and enthusiasm. You have proved that with little coaching, full determination and team work, we all can achieve what we want. Congratulations and thank you to all the participants taking your time off and representing your society and making everyone of us proud. Special thanks goes to Chandra Adhikari, Sports Coordinator, for taking extra effort in training the participants, coordinating, and being together with the participants in achieving what we got today.13652515_1103833886350616_2010262810_n 13652353_1103833899683948_380685085_n 13643807_1103833959683942_864530497_n 13644170_1103833916350613_1317891203_n 13649591_1103833863017285_553655974_n 13649602_1103833893017282_145740118_n 13652377_1103833876350617_1880545101_n 13652559_1103833929683945_520105152_n 13652674_1103833903017281_382053993_n 13652691_1103833906350614_68553164_n 13652735_1103833949683943_177093134_n 13664785_1103833939683944_967311681_n 13664767_1103833889683949_374659360_n 13664748_1103833946350610_780986524_n 13664682_1103833923017279_757619352_n 13672057_1103833866350618_1416519795_n 13672082_1103833913017280_505365782_n 13672258_1103833896350615_631174859_n 13672354_1103833986350606_677791914_n 13672421_1103833979683940_1062464076_n 13672414_1103833869683951_229937450_n 13672527_1103833936350611_1532350631_n 13672609_1103833956350609_613049207_n